Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bonus Draft Coverage!!!*

Well, seeing as how the Boise media/internet is in an uproar over Johnson and Childs not getting drafted, I thought I might add a comment.

You're an idiot.

Yes, you, person complaining that people from other WAC schools got drafted. You are a full on moron. I wonder how you are capable of getting dressed in the morning. I wonder how you have managed to not poke an eye out with your toothbrush. I wonder how you manage to stop your car at a red light. I wonder how you haven't been fired yet. Basically, I wonder how you have managed to somehow, despite all odds being against you, actually survive long enough to pen a semi-coherent response on the internerd about your beloved former Broncos getting "ignored" in the draft, while players from other WAC schools got picked up throughout the weekend. Since I am, by nature, altruistic, I cam going to explain this for you. Were we in person, I would use exaggerated hand gestures and speak loudly, but since this is text only, my explanation will have to do.

Let's begin with a quiz:
You are in charge of picking players for your NFL team in the draft. Your team has desperate needs at the LB and S positions. It is currently your last pick. Who do you select?
A) A LB or S
B) Ian Johnson
C) Jeremy Childs
D) Sacrifice your first, second, and third round picks in next years draft to get B and C

Chances are, you idiots who are complaining picked something other than A. Now, I know this is a difficult concept for you to grasp, but A was actually the correct answer! As it turns out, teams tend to pick what they need, and not players who are more famous for their off the field actions**.

Johnson is going to the Vikings to sit behind Adrian Peterson for a while (and please, don't degrade yourself by making a Fiesta Bowl comment here, as anybody with two brain cells to rub together is going to start the Peterson over Johnson). Childs is going to the Chargers where I am guessing he will be cut before the season starts. Be happy they are getting the chance at all. Most football players don't.

*This isn't directed at anybody reading this more than likely. Just at the reaction on the site and Those two websites are where brain cells go to die.

**Like it or not, Ian Johnson will always be mentioned as the guy who proposed after winning the Fiesta Bowl. That's the downside of doing something memorable- you get remembered for it.

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