Thursday, December 10, 2009

BCS- Bull Champion Shit News and Notes

Hello sports fans, and welcome to yet another edition of my news and notes. Let me start with some bad news. The photo journal promised last week will not go up until next week sometime, as real life concerns have taken most of my time this week. But, on to the good news! You still get a healthy dose of the content you have come to know and love from me, the AngryFootballNerd! This edition sees an anti-BCS rant, as well as predictions for the BCS bowls, and a select other bowl game (like it isn't the Humanitarian Bowl...). So, without wasting any more of your valuable time, here we go!

-So, the SEC championship game. How awesome was it when Tim Tebow was in tears at the end of the game? SO AWESOME. Also, kudos to Nick Saban for being a much better person than his counterpart for Florida would have been were he up that much with the ball at the end of the game. Of course Dickweed Meyer would have kept going, because he is a tool. Anyway, thank you, Florida, for showing us that this emperor was, in fact, wholly without clothes. Gee, guess it turns out that the SEC East wasn't all that strong, if Florida's level of play against the only decent opponent all season is any indication...

-So, Texas should have lost to Nebraska. I'm just saying, when you are totally outplayed like that, you deserve to lose. I give credit for their win to the timekeeper, who, if it were literally ANY other game this entire season (except involving a potential Florida loss) would have let that last second expire and let it stand during review. But come one, we can't have even a chance that the BCS could actually pit the two best teams against each other in the Championship! TCU vs. Alabama would be a most exciting game. Alabama vs. Texas... well, just wait until my predictions.

-Regarding the BCS bowl selection: Hey douchebags, way to give undefeated TCU a shot against a team they beat last year when they look like they could beat literally any college team this year (as well as the Raiders and Cheifs). You know an organization is fucked up when all it can do to try to save face is run a twitter (@InsidetheBCS, follow it for a laugh) that updates up to three times every two weeks with pro-BCS articles (ones that usually show absolute worst case scenarios of playoffs, none of which compares to a single season's issues with the BCS).

Here is a list of sports that use a play-off to determine their champion:


Let me cut this short before my blood pressure sets a new world record. The BCS system this year has promised us AT LEAST TWO UNDEFEATED TEAMS AT THE END OF THE SEASON, with the possibility for three if Cincy beats Florida. How is that, in any way, acceptable?

Anyway, here are my predictions for the BCS games in no particular order:

Sugar Bowl: On one hand, a coach headed to Notre Dame. On the other hand, a team that has had its legacy so vastly overinflated you could easily power the entire planet with the air force generated from people talking about Tebow (who, by the way, if he wins the Heisman this weekend has single-handedly made that award pointless). Both teams have alternated between looking really good and looking poor, with the only difference being that the games Cincinnati has looked poor in have been against better competition than the Gators. 31-17 Bearcats, but could easily be Gators

Orange Bowl: First off, raise your hand if you give a shit about this game.

Wait, what are all these crickets doing in here? Shoo, shoo!

Anyway, what was I talking about? Oh yeah

Rose Bowl: Oregon is a damn good team that likes to score early and often. Ohio State was beaten by the sixth place Pac-10 team at home. 70-14 (the two OSU touchdowns in the last five minutes, with TRESSELBALL demanding no attempts at two point conversions or other such flashy nonsense) Oregon.

Fiesta Bowl: Two undefeated mid-majors. One of whom has looked incredibly impressive against everybody, another who has looked incredibly impressive against bottom 10 teams but has the benefit of being the absolute luckiest fucking team in the world. I predict a final score of 34-21, but I refuse to predict a winner. Also, my sympathies to TCU, who in a year when they have a legitimate claim to playing in the title game, are playing a team they beat last year. Smaller sympathies to BSU, who I was really looking forward to seeing poop themselves against a magical Iowa team (come on, anybody who watched Iowa this season will tell you that them being down by 28 points in the first half is absolutely not a problem).

Humanitarian Bowl: This game should be incredibly high scoring. Like, over 100 total points I think. Anyway, much to the sorrow of the chucklefuck on Caves and Prater who said he would "rather the Taliban win in Afghanistan than Idaho win a bowl game*," infinity-infinity plus 2 Idaho

National Championship: Other than the heart attack that Mack Brown has when Alabama literally kills them, this will be a fairly boring game. I also look forward to him stammering something about beating Oklahoma. 41-3 ROLL TIDE

Anyway, the photo-journal of my trip to the USC-Arizona game should be up next week, along with some "classic" reposts, including the much fabled drinking game. Also, the special "Dumbest Moments of the Season" should run sometime during bowl season, depending on when the new AngryFootballHeadquarters gets internet access. Until then, enjoy the cold as balls weather!

*You know, I hate Boise State. But I certainly don't hate it on the level of wishing that thousands of people would fucking die instead of them winning a game.

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  1. My dream of seeing Tim Tebow cry twice in a 1-month span of time now rests in the capable hands of Tony Pike.