Thursday, December 3, 2009

The BCS killed my family! NCAA Week Most meaningful games are done Notes

Hello sports fans, and welcome to another edition of my NCAA news and notes. Not a ton to talk about this week, although I do have an inside report from a BSU game! So, without wasting time, let's get this started!

-USC crushed UCLA, 28-7. It could have been 21-7, but when USC knelled with 53 seconds left, Neuheisel decided to call a timeout. You know, because scoring two touchdowns in less than a minute has been UCLA's strong point this season apparently. Well, he learned that if you are going to play like that, USC will play right back, with Matt Barkley throwing a TD on the next play. Way to go Neuheisel!

-Alabama should have lost to Auburn. There, I said it. They played like ass, and needed a lengthy drive (not THE DRIVE as CBS announcers kept calling it) to come from behind to beat an unranked team at home. Seriously, if the NCG is a rematch of Florida-Alabama, I am going to kill someone. And that's without having seen the SECCG, which is this Saturday. Pray for rain people. A rain of meteors, all over that game.

-TCU could beat any team in the nation. They could. Your favorite team, or mine, or anyone's may give them a game. They may even lead for a bit. And then TCU will come back and you will lose. That's just the way it is.

-OK, obviously I'm not saying that it is impossible for them to lose. Any team can lose. However, I think that it is as close to impossible as it could be for TCU to get beaten by more than 3. This team is good, and to deny that is absurd to the point of being comical.

So, I went to the BSU-Nevada game last Friday. Here are some highlights:
-BSU fans booing the handshake between captains, Nevada time outs, false starts, and basically every single thing that wasn't a BSU touchdown.
-A guy putting a padlock on a portapottie after I took a leak in it, telling me to never come back again. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face...
-Four BSU students, standing in the Nevada fans section, taunting the Nevada cheerleaders (not the male cheerleaders), fans, and parents, and basically confirming every single stereotype about bad fans that is possible. Honestly, at a football game, I have a pretty high tolerance for bullshit. I get the emotions and all that; it is an important part of the game. But these guys were just morons. I don't mind taunting, but at least taunt the other team (ie: the people that matter). If you're taunting the cheerleaders, stay in your own fucking section. At least there, people might buy into your macho bullshit penis compensation act.

Speaking of BSU, there has been an awesome trend here on the campus. A couple, actually. The first is that the ASBSU representatives only send out e-mails regarding football games, not about things like, say, open meetings to discuss tuition costs. Awesome, awesome trend.

The other trend, one that I find hilarious, is to complain about the BCS as if it is some sort of multinational entity dedicated solely to fucking BSU as hard as possible. The entire student newspaper (except for the article talking about how any democrat is an evil person, which is also pretty standard) is devoted to the BCS.

The Student Council signed an Anti-BCS bill (I'm sure that's effective), saying that they don't like it.

One columnist pretended that Coach Petersen was Mack Brown of Texas, bitching at the BCS not including them this year (when, last I checked, they were almost certain to get a BCS bid).

You know what the best way, BSU, to get rid of the BCS would be? Here, I'm going to write it out for you:

1. Start playing good teams. Don't give me that "nobody will play us" bullshit, as no other team in the nation seems to have that problem. Utah busted the BCS first and better, and they don't seem to have that issue. So stop playing the "poor widdle us" card, be willing to take less then cupcake money (because, if you're as good as you claim, then it shouldn't matter), and travel to some good football schools. And if you manage to beat them, great! Now get out there and play the rest of your schedule instead of talking every week about the one game you did play.
2. Stop playing the media game. For every one person impressed by the WAC hiring media consultants for you, there are two hundred who think that's a lameass move. Let your playing on the field do the talking, even if that means telling Benson to shut the hell up (please do that one anyway, as he is helping exactly one person with his constant campaigning, and that person's name is Karl Benson).
2a. This includes having players and coaches complain in public. Petersen lost what respect I (and many others) had for him, when after beating La Tech by ten said "We'll probably drop 6 or 7 in the rankings for this." A) You were favored by 21, and B) Awfully hard to rise when the teams in front of you play better opposition and win.
3. Ban the local media from commenting on it. When BCS people hear that everyone here hates them, and they are under no obligation to take BSU, no matter how undefeated they are, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that they probably aren't going to take a team from a market that is vehemently opposed to them. This one is a weaksauce decision on the BCS's part, but nobody ever said they make sense.
4. When another team from your conference (or any non-BCS conference) makes it to a big game, cheer for them. Going all anti-Hawaii two years ago and anti-Utah last year didn't help anyone, and just proved to the BCS idiots that there is not enough of a consensus for them to worry about.

There you have it.

Next week's update will be my yearly trip to a USC game, so look forward to it!

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