Wednesday, September 8, 2010

If I may be serious for a moment

There is a plague in college football. No, it isn't Lou Holth's marble mouth, or Mark May's... Mark May. It isn't idiot commentators who try to make mountains out of molehills and only care about the ratings. It isn't zebras who throw the flag at the slightest provocation (You dare to be happy after a touchdown? 15 yards!).

It isn't even the BCS (saving that one for later this season).

No, it is the NCAA.

The NCAA is actively doing what it can to hurt college football, all under the guise of helping. Let's discuss this on the basis of a couple cases.

1. USC and Reggie Bush

Now, yes, I am far from unbiased. But, I'm going to approach this as calmly and rationally as I can.

So, Reggie Bush took money and benefits while a student-athlete at USC. This is a clear violation of the rules.

So, naturally, we should punish the current coaches and players. Since they are the ones who dared to be there while this stuff was happening years ago, right? I mean, Matt Barkley definitely knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that a player who was there while he was in junior high and high school was doing something unbecoming of a student athlete! It only makes sense to ban him for two years from the postseason (as well as every other player on the team). And hey, why the hell not? Let's take away scholarships so that some kids can't go to college and better their lives (A reduction of scholarships at ANY school has a domino effect). All because something that happened long ago was bad.

2. Jeremiah Masoli and AJ Green, with a side of Dez Bryant

Ahhhhhhhhh, Jeremiah Masoli. Now, here is a good, upstanding citizen. He deserves to have a continued career in college and then the NFL. All he did was rob some people and run from the police! Boys will be boys.

AJ Green, on the other hand, is pure scum. How dare he sell a jersey of his! That rat bastard! The only people who deserve to make money off of AJ Green's hard work are the University of Georgia and the NCAA!

Dez Bryant? Dinner at the same location as an agent?! What a jerk! How could he even think that this is remotely ok?

Clearly, in the eyes of the NCAA, it is much better to ROB AND FLEE FROM JUSTICE than it is for an agent to (potentially) buy you a hamburger, or to make a couple extra bucks selling something that only has worth because of you.

I could go on like this, but I'm getting hungry, so I'll be wrapping it up. The NCAA is actively doing the wrong thing. It is harming players, coaches, and teams that are merely bystanders (Hey idiots! MAKE BUSH PAY THE MONEY BACK!) to circumstances beyond their control. And they are doing it with a smile on their face, all the while assuring us that it is "for the best."

Should we pay college athletes? That is a debate for another day (but yes, they should). Should we punish athletes for preparing for their future while in college (imagine if they told you that you or your child couldn't talk to an adviser at any point during their collegiate career)?

It doesn't take a lot to see where I stand on these topics.

What about you?


  1. The anecdotal friend of a friend of a friend real story that I heard about Masoli's original offense (the guitar and laptop theft) was that he sold weed to some guys in a frat house and the frat guys refused to pay him, so he took the stuff in lieu of payment. Being douches who didn't want to pay for their weed, the frat guys called the police and bam. I'm not saying this absolves him, but I think it makes the story make much more sense.

  2. alex i couldn't agree more with how dumb the NCAA is going about this sanctions