Monday, September 13, 2010

James Madison's best work since the Federalist Papers: NCAA Week 2 News and Notes

Hello sportsfans! Welcome to another exciting edition of me, the Angry Football Nerd! Lots of great stuff to talk about this week! Upsets ahoy, and the return of my Heisman ballot!

-Alright, starting with the West Virginia-Marshall game. While it would have been amazing for Marshall to win on the 40th anniversary of the plane crash as depicted in the semi-popular film "We Are Marshall" (which the AFN cried during, but I cry during all sports movies, and if you don't like that, bite me), that game perfectly showed the usual difference between big time programs and small time programs. Personally, I was cheering for the Thundering Herd, but after that comeback, WVU showed that they deserve it.

-And then came Saturday. Starting off with the Kansas-GT game.... WHAT THE HELL?! How do you lose to NORTH DAKOTA STATE (Apparently the worse of the two ND teams according to espn) and then make Georgia Tech look like fools? Kansas is probably the most two faced team this (very young) season.

-Minnesota lost to South Dakota State. This is a week after almost losing to Middle Tennessee State. Next they play USC, then northern Illinois. Then the Big Ten. Minnesota is going to go 1-11 this year. This is a reminder that they signed HC Tim Brewster to an extension last season.

-On a related note, Fire Brewster.

-USCar beat Georgia because Marcus Lattimore is going to be the Heisman runner-up this year. Oops, did I just spoil some of my Heisman Ballot? Yeah, well...

-And finally, the namesake of this week's blog update. James Madison beating Virginia Tech. At Virginia Tech. Now, again, sometimes a loss to an FCS school isn't the death knell for a program (again, see Michigan vs. Appalachian State). But in this case? Well, Starting 0-2 is a whole lot worse than starting 0-1, especially for a team that was expected to compete for the National Title. Their saving grace? The rest of the ACC doesn't look so hot. Expect Virginia Tech to go to the Orange Bowl and get beat by an at-large team pretty handily.

-Also, thanks to VT for reminding us why Monday games should be followed by a bye week, instead of even a cupcake game.

-That ragging on the ACC is deserved. How about those non-efforts from Florida State (Welcome back Oklahoma, I'm looking forward to seeing you get crushed by every big team you have the rest of this year) and Miami? Granted, Miami would have probably fared better if Jacory Harris (oddly enough, my spellcheck doesn't recognize Jacory as a word) hadn't thrown somewhere in the neighborhood of a trillion interceptions. But really, for all the ragging on the Big Ten, it looks like the ACC deserves it more this year.

-Notre Dame-Michigan. First off, a moment of silence for those of us who were unable to stomach the NBC announcers. Hint idiots: If you flat out call someone on one of the teams terrible, you are biased enough that you should lose your job. Anyway! So, how awesome is Denard Robinson, QB for Michigan? He is so awesome that he personally has more yards this season than 80+ teams. That awesome. As of right now, the scale is no longer 1 to 10. It is Virginia Tech to Denard Robinson.

-Well, Alabama and Penn State went about exactly how it was predicted to go. Thankfully, there were no injuries. Funnily enough, if you replace "Alabama and Penn State" with "Nebraska and Idaho", this section still applies, saving me valuable Jets watching time.

-What is Oregon's deal? They go to Knoxville, play like a junior high team (a decent junior high team, to be sure) in the first half, then come out at halftime and absolutely explode with talent and plays. I don't know if I should put them as a lock for the Pac-10 crown, or a lock for the middle of the Pac (see what I did there?).

-Speaking of Pac-10, how bad is WSU? So bad that they need a comeback on the last drive to win by 1. Against Montana State. Which begs the question, what would have happened if they played Montana? My guess? COMEDY! And something like a 49-7 loss for the Cougars.

-Also, you know who is scary? Actual Cougars. Am I talking about the large feral cat, or middle aged women at bars? Both, my friends, both.

-Fire Brewster

-Stanford is going to be a legitimate threat for a long time. You heard it here first, folks (assuming that you haven't listened to or watched ESPN in the past two year).

-So, how screwed is USC? Sure, they are 2-0. After letting Hawaii put 600 yards on them in week one and squeaking by Virginia 17-14 week two. Is Lane Kiffin the worst BCS team coach? Well, no, but that is only because Tim Brewster is still employed. Granted, going to Minnesota SHOULD help, but despite my earlier prediction of the Gophers going 1-11, somehow beating USC wouldn't surprise me. And would also ensure that Brewster is still employed come this time three seasons from now. Anyway, USC is looking at the bottom half of the Pac-10 this year.


1. Denard Robinson
2. Marcus Lattimore
3. Terrele Pryor
4. Ndamukong Suh (if they give Reggie Bush's Heisman to Vince Young, then they should absolutely do this)
5. Bryan McMartin

Alright angry football fans, that is all for this week. You know the drill by this point: same time next week. E-mails go to for a timely (NOT) response.

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  1. the great articles continue good job alex and i too am now putting in my vote for bryan you made me a believer!