Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Thanksgiving Day Update

So, in the vein of this most glorious of holidays, I thought I would make today's update a list of things I am thankful for.

-First off, I am thankful for local Boise band Nude Oil. If you haven't checked these guys out, you need to (they have both Facebook and mySpace pages, so no excuses). They rock, and were awesome enough last night to plug the blog during their setlist at a Battle of the Bands, so I am returning the favor. But yeah, these guys rock.

-I am thankful for the constant hubris of Boise State Athletic Director Gene "Business Sense" Bleymeier, that leads to them wanting to be paid cupcake school money to play a big boy school, and then bitching when schools turn them down. What a marvelous way to get out of playing games against good opponents, while still getting to play the "poor widdle us" card. Not to mention depriving the nation of what would more than likely be a great game of football. Is there anybody out there who wouldn't love to see, say... BSU vs. Oklahoma rematch? I'm salivating at the mere thought of it. Side note: after the 2006 season, the Oklahoma AD went on a local radio show saying that a mid-major school, ONE THAT OU HAD REASON TO WANT TO PLAY, turned down a home and home with them. Bravo, Bleymeier, for valuing your whiny beyotch attitude more than a great fucking game of football.

-I am equally thankful for the outside of Bronco Stadium, featuring a picture of Chris Petersen holding up the Fiesta Bowl trophy underneath the word "Tradition." 1-5 in bowl does not a tradition make.

-I am thankful that Idaho, a team that was supposed to go 1-11 (sorry San Diego State, you are apparently the worst team in the nation!), is 7-4 right now with one game left (plus a bowl game). I'll take 8-4, 8-5, 7-5, or 7-6 right now. Any finish above .500 is amazing, considering what Robb Akey has had to work with.

-I am thankful that nobody likes Florida. Seriously, it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling to know that outside of CBS announce teams, everybody in the nation is cheering for the Gators to lose.

-Related, I am NOT thankful that Urban Meyer cried when talking about Tebow being gone after this season. At this point, would anybody be surprised in the least if it came out that the two of them had a sexual relationship? I mean it not as an insult, just as a statement of how blindingly obvious it is that these two are dating.

-I am thankful that Jimmy Clausen got punched in the face. Also, sources at ND (several students) have come out saying that the official story (Clausen went back into a restaurant to get his girlfriend's purse, got sucker-punched) is, oddly enough, bullshit. According to several eyewitnesses, Clausen was drunk and mouthy, and took exception to a sarcastic "Nice game" from someone leaving the bar that they were at. When he went up to the guy and started getting in his face, he got deservedly decked. Thereby making that man my 2009 College Football Season Hero.

-Finally, I am thankful that even in a down year, USC is still a better team than the Big Ten champion. And again, people think the PAC-10 is weak why exactly?

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