Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tim Tebow Died For Your Wins- NCAA Week 4 news and notes

Hello sports fans! Welcome to another exciting edition of my news and notes regarding the wonderful world of NCAA football! Plenty of fun stuff to discuss this week, so I won't waste your time with a lengthy introduction.

-Mizzou vs. Nevada: Good lord, have you ever seen so many overthrown passes? No, you have not. Don't pretend like you have! Nothing gives you that right! But anyway, this was a sloppy game from both teams that proved two things: A) Nevada needs a coach not named Chris Ault, and B) ESPN's Friday night team gets really pissy when teams run a two point conversion for no reason. For the next BSU game broadcast on a Friday, they should have EMTs standing by, or else things could get ugly. Seriously, one of the announcers spent a good fifteen minutes kvetching about the three 2 point conversions (of which there were no successes, I think). That's too damn long.

-Remember when Cal was ranked number 6, and then scored a total of 3 points against Oregon? Yeah, so I retract my statement of them slaughtering USC, and change it to "There is no possible way to predict who will win this game." Cal, for some reason, deviated from the perfectly good game plan of "Give the ball to Jahvid Best and then win the game" to "Let's throw the ball to people who aren't Jahvid Best and get horribly embarrassed on national TV as the number six team in the nation."

-So, Idaho is off to a 3-1 start. They played a solid, complete game against Northern Illinois (who, before BSU fans start laughing about a weak team, have been bowling 4 out of the last 5 years I believe) and managed to win cleanly 34-31. ANd that score was made lopsided by NIU being gifted with two touchdowns by the refs: one on an incomplete pass (turns out that you DON'T have to have possesion in the end zone for a touchdown) and one on a called incomplete that should have been an interception in the end zone (but if the ball is moving in the slightest in the defenders hands, it isn't an int).

-This reminds me to bitch about refs for a second: On big plays like that, you have to call it consistently. It can't be a catch on one possesion and a no-catch on the next. Well, it can, but it makes me hate you. Also, regarding holding: It needs to be a five yard penalty, and instead of conferring with the other refs, the head ref just needs to get on the mic, immediately, and call it, instead of wasting everyone's time.

-So, regarding Florida, and "the worlds bravest college football player, Tim Tebow." (Yes, Fox Sports referred to him as that). What the hell is brave about playing with the flu in a blowout over a terrible team? Padding stats in hopes of another Heisman? Being a leader, by playing with a debilitating illness that arguably made the concussion he received WORSE? That isn't bravery, it's stupidity, and anyone who thinks otherwise is just plain wrong.

-PS To the rest of the media: Quit making your headlines about Tebow something like "Kentucky hit gives Tebow concussion." That makes it sound like he didn't hit his own blocker's knee with the back of his head, which is what happened. Also, while a concussion is a serious deal and I hope he sits out the next game for his own health (which Urban Meyer has already said he won't), I do hope it knocked the Jesus Juice out of him. Hearing a Florida post-game that actually talked about the game, instead of God's will for the Gators to beat a crappy team, would be lovely

-I'm not going to talk about BSU, or Iowa beating Penn State, because I might punch my screen. Suffice to say, fuck.

-So, USC beat up on WSU, 27-6. But don't let the score fool you, WSU is definitely the worst FBS team this year. Despite the homer WSU radio announcer screaming about how Matt Barkley "only completes slow passes, he doesn't have any speed, so he isn't a good quarterback!" the game was never, for a second, in question. Also, favorite call from said announcer (regarding a HB draw): "Well, if he got past those three guys, there were only 3 more guys between him and the end zone!" Wow, all he would have had to do to score would be dodge MORE THAN HALF of the defense. He was so close!

Cheers of the Week: Idaho, USC, hilariously bad announcers both radio and TV

Jeers of the Week: Cal, just plain bad announcers, games in the rain (MIAMI U/PENN STATE 9/26/09 NEVER FORGET!)

Also, I am sad to report that this next weekend, those of you who follow me on Facebook will be unable to read constant status updates from me, as I will be at my grandparents, and the only internet there is not wireless, therefore I can't bring my laptop, therefore I will focus on getting fed and watered by my beloved grandmother. So, until the next update, peaceout!

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