Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dome Cooking- NCAA Week 5 News and Notes

Welcome back sports fans! Have some games to talk about, plus a special breaking the silence on the topic of BSU. Also, I have a rant for you! How lucky you are to be reading this! What a special time for you this must be! Anyway, on with the show!

-So, Michigan lost to Michigan State. This is funny, because Michigan State is not very good. Also because interceptions in overtime are a hilarious way to lose a game. See me laugh! Ha ha ha ha ha! But seriously, tough loss for Michigan. However, I have a feeling I'll be regretting saying that next season, when Tate Forcier becomes the next Tim Tebow in the eyes of the media.

-The best part of Minnesota losing to Wisconsin? A Minnesota message board claiming the true victory because not all of Wisconsin's team was out on the field for the National Anthem. When you are taking credit for things that happen off the field in order to claim a win, your program is in trouble.

-So, Stanford leading the Pac-10? Yup, that's actually happening. By dismantling UCLA, they are becoming more and more a legitimate Pac-10 contender, unlike, say... Arizona State (PS Erickson burn in a fire until you are dead!).

-Speaking of the Pac-10, how about Cal shitting the bed early this year? Usually, they have the decency to wait until late October/early November before being terrible. Lucky for USC and Oregon, they started early this season. This means that the conference will probably come down to one of USC/Oregon/Stanford (holy shit does that last one feel weird to type).

-LSU beat Georgia thanks to an amazing last couple minutes, and a horrid Excessive Celebration call. More on this after the game reviews.

-So, breaking my silence to talk about BSU for a moment... Wow. After talking to several people who were at the game, the conclusion has been (and keep in mind Angry Haters, this is not coming from me) that if they play another game like that, kiss the BCS chances goodbye. It probably isn't a good sign for your team when, for whatever reason, an FCS school holds you to over 100 fewer yards rushing than you've been averaging. The drop in the rankings is probably well deserved (again, not me talking, since I'll be damned if I'm watching a BSU game), and the Broncos better be careful from here on out, because now the precedent has been set for them to drop after ugly wins. Oh, and my personal favorite part? The fact that most of the fans I talked to mentioned how disgusted they were by BSU fans booing their own team. I can understand that if say, you call a timeout that the OTHER team needs (hey Purdue, way to give that game to Notre Dame!). Having a hard time thinking of any other circumstances where it is even close to acceptable.

-Ok, so, on to the game that everyone has been expecting me to talk about. Oregon State and Arizona State. This was a game that nope I'm not going to continue with this joke.

-So, Idaho against Colorado State. Aside from the chucklefuckery that was the ESPNU announcers, this was a terrific game. Both teams played well, there were some great big plays (Shiloh Keo could have my children any day of the week and twice on Sunday). This is a huge win for the Vandals, who are now 4-1. This is a program that is on the up. I'm not saying I think they will win out this season, but I do think that they will be bowl eligible by season's end (PS: Mom, if they go to the Hawaii Bowl, I know what I want for Christmas!). And really, the more teams we have in the WAC that are capable of playing like this, the better it is for the conference as a whole.

-Funniest part of the Vandal victory: The Idaho Statesman website has a comments section, which I've previously referred to as an area where brain cells go to die. This was illustrated best by a comment left by a BSU fan on the article about Idaho winning (or Brian Murphy's article about them doing better than anyone expected this year, I forget). Now, I'm doing this from memory, so it might not be word for word accurate, but I'm sure you will all get the point: "Idaho is a terrible team. UC Davis would kill them. And their schedule is a joke! They don't even play any ranked teams this year!"

I'll just go ahead and let that sink in for a moment.

Fucking moron.

-Cheers of the Week: USC, Idaho, Michigan State, My grandpa's margaritas

-Jeers of the Week: BSU, ESPNU announcers, Idiot fans who boo their own team, UCLA "football", excessive celebration penalties 99% of the time.

Ok, so here is my aforementioned rant about Excessive Celebration penalties. They are terrible. They can change a game's outcome (UW-BYU last year, Georgia-LSU this year) for something that has NO EFFECT ON THE FUCKING GAME. Seriously, is a player who just made a big play, say... a game winning touchdown, who then puts his finger to his lips in the "Shhhhh" motion really deserving of 15 yards on the kickoff? Absolutely not.

It's getting to the point where fans are getting nervous after every single play, thinking that it might be taken back by a yellow-happy zebra who is too in love with his own voice for the good of the game. If it keeps up like this, it may not be long until you aren't allowed to show any positive emotion on the field without risking a game changing penalty.

These penalties have a time and a place. If a team is taking an insane amount of time celebrating something, flag it. If a player is taunting the other team or their fans, flag it. Anything else, and keep that god damn flag in your pants.

God forbid a 19-22 year old kid get excited about winning a game.

Anyway, that's all for this week. Hope to see you back here next week, same Angry Time, same Angry Channel!

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