Thursday, November 12, 2009

An Emergency Blog Update!


According to some dumbass Boise State blogger, Boise State (along with Nevada and Fresno State, but they don't count) has been invited to join the Mountain West!

His evidence for stating this?

Because BSU has calmed down about trying to join it, that must mean that the conference has secretly invited them to join!

But it goes deeper than that!

You see, the United States Congress has secretly forced the BCS to accept the new MWC.

And all of this happened without us knowing. Just think of how amazing this is.

1. BSU, UNR, and FS have joined the MWC.
2. The MWC has joined the BCS.
3. The United States Congress forced this to happen.
4. This all happened without a single person in America knowing about it!

Sometime soon, I hope you will sit down and realize that, even if you disagree with me, I am at least a sane person.

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